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Sativa dominant hybrid
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THC is the main chemical that causes cannabis’ psychoactive effect. It is also known for its medical properties, including as an effective analgesic. CBD, is a compound from cannabis that is known for its various medicinal benefits, with no cerebral effects.

Head High
Pain , ADD/ADHD , Anxiety
Method of Consumption
Method of Consumption
Earthy , Citrus , Diesel optionoptionoption
Humulene , Limonene , Caryophyllene
About Armageddon
Armageddon is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that urges you not to judge a bud by its cover. Its high is both uplifting and mellow, with a high THC content that can reach up to 20%. Armageddon’s Dutch developers, Homegrown Fantaseeds, have kept its parent strains a secret. Easy to grow and maintain, Armageddon is a tall plant that delivers impressive yields. It thrives in sunny, dry climates and is best suited for outdoor growth. As it grows, its leaves adopt an olive green color with a dark and emerald green gradient. After maturation, its buds are densely coated with a cloud-like frost. Armageddon’s buds have a curiously puffy and elongated shape. The multicolored leaves have subdued, dirt-colored pistils and a healthy amount of resin and trichomes cover each nug. Since it is feathery and not sticky, grinding the buds is a smooth and hassle-free process. It has a sharp earthy and citrusy smell that can fill a room before you even grind it, let alone use it. Its complicated aroma profile changes once combusted, producing a simultaneously citrusy and diesel-like taste. Upon exhalation, expect a subtle woody aftertaste with just a hint of lemony sourness. The strain produces a balanced and robust high, but its effects are not immediately apparent. Its impact catches you by surprise, with a sudden heaviness around the face and eyes and a cerebral buzz. As its effects intensify, your mood improves, and your energy levels increase. People who have long-term psychological disorders such as ADHD and PTSD greatly benefit from the Armageddon strain. It helps ease depression and anxiety, eliciting a sedated, euphoric effect that calms you and elevates your mood. It’s an excellent strain for use during the day and in the morning, as it doesn’t make you feel sluggish or lazy. Armageddon is mostly smoked, rolled into blunts, or consumed using bowls and bongs. Only a relatively small amount is needed for a smooth and long-lasting high. This is the kind of strain that can help get you going before a party or other social gathering. Since the strain is so potent, Armageddon isn’t recommended for inexperienced users or those who have low THC tolerance levels. If taken at a high dose, Armageddon can make anxiety worse and create feelings of paranoia. It also can cause unpleasant physical symptoms such as nausea, dry mouth, and eyes. Based on its characteristics and taste, some users have indicated that one of this strain’s parents may be Sour Diesel. Regardless of its origins, however, Armageddon is a powerful cannabis strain that’s ideal for work and play. Its unique characteristics and mood-enhancing effects can help users start their day with a mental and physical boost.
Sativa 80%
Indica 20%
Sativa dominant
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