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THC is the main chemical that causes cannabis’ psychoactive effect. It is also known for its medical properties, including as an effective analgesic. CBD, is a compound from cannabis that is known for its various medicinal benefits, with no cerebral effects.

Pain Relief
Anxiety , Migraines , Depressed
Method of Consumption
Method of Consumption
Sweet , Sour , Earthy optionoptionoption
Alpha-Pinene , Linalool , Humulene
About Bakerstreet
Coming right from LP Tweed, this Hindu Kush-derived strain is extremely popular, and not only for its Londonese name. With a high level of THC, generally up to 22%, the 100% Indica strain Baker Street is top-tier in the sedative category. Coincidence or not, the nugs of Baker Street are almost geometrical as if nature is showing her best work. Like other strains, the green-orangey color is noticeable, and the taste is sweet, with a unique kimchi tone. Baker Street has a deep smoke that might be hard to inhale for those not accustomed to the sour-sweet taste. When looking at the effects of this strain, one thing is clear: it will hit you when you least expect it. Unlike other strains, nothing happens right after the first try. The magic happens after a few minutes of waiting. That is when you start to see things change in front of you. Baker Street does not have a lot of visual power, but it makes you perceive certain things from different perspectives, and your creative juices might overflow. Smoking it is a fun way to end a night, maybe along with a cool movie, a tv series, music, or artful endeavors. Some might experience a sensation of being drawn into the movie, and that is a one-of-a-kind feeling. So, if this sounds like something you would love to try, Baker Street is waiting for you. Unfortunately, changing your perspective is the only thing this strain does to your mind. However, on a high note - it has positive effects on your body. Baker Street a 100% Indica strain that relaxes all your senses and brings a sense of euphoria, giving a high that is perfect for hyperactive people and those prone to the blues. Your body loosens up, and you no longer feel tense and under pressure, to the point where you are no longer able to move an inch. Considering this, you do not want to use Baker Street when you have a long day ahead of you. Actually, you should not use it if you have anything to accomplish, no matter how small. However, if you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or migraines, Baker Street not only stops the pain, but it also shuts down your thoughts. It will leave you with an empty and calm feeling that non-smokers may never experience. Physical health problems cannot escape the effects of Baker Street strain. It helps with pain management for both chronic and acute diseases. If you suffer from migraines, back pain, depression, or inflammation anywhere in your body, the pain will go away once you take a hit. If you want to grow this strain, you will need to buy an entire plant and use that as a starting point. The seeds are not available, so it is hard to get your hands on it otherwise. Perfect for evening use, Baker Street calms your nerves, relieves your pain body, and helps you detach from the day-to-day problems you so much want to escape. It is also excellent for deep inner work and even for lightening the mood in a social gathering.
Indica 100%
Sativa %
Indica dominant
Hindu Kush
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