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Indica dominant hybrid
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THC is the main chemical that causes cannabis’ psychoactive effect. It is also known for its medical properties, including as an effective analgesic. CBD, is a compound from cannabis that is known for its various medicinal benefits, with no cerebral effects.

Pain , ADD/ADHD , Migraines
Method of Consumption
Method of Consumption
Peppery , Herbal , Eucalyptus optionoptionoption
Caryophyllene , Myrcene
About Argyle
Named after a county in Scotland, Argyle is an 80% Indica hybrid and is 100% Canadian, created by LP Tweed. The Argyle blend is a cross between the Sensi Star strain and an Indica from Afghanistan, which has contributed to its low 13% THC content. Used for medicinal and recreational purposes, Argyle has slowly but surely grown in popularity. Over the years, many people have added this powerful blend into their daily smoking rotation. The flowers of Argyle are unique and grab your attention right away. The nuggets are medium to large and have a conical shape. The leaves are a vibrant, bright lime green with prominent orange pistils. The white trichomes cover the outer and inner surface area, often making it hard to break the buds. Argyle is known for having peppery, sharp notes that give way to an herbal undertone, similar to sage or eucalyptus. When grinding the flowers, you can expect to get a sour-sweet and skunky aroma. Unfortunately, the terpenes in Argyle contribute to an acrid smoke when burned. Notwithstanding the harsh smoke, Argyle has a smooth, woody taste that has a hint of spice in it. This taste can be surprising, but it does nothing to assuage the smoke’s sting on your palate or your sinuses. Despite being an Indica strain, the high of Argyle can take up to 15 minutes to take effect. It starts with a low pulse in your temples that radiates relaxing energy down to your neck, core, and limbs. Before long, you can expect to be in a cocoon of euphoric laziness. Argyle doesn’t give a cerebral high, but it does cause distortions to visual depth and ruins the perception of time. Argyle's high gets more intense as time goes by, often leaving comfortably couch-locked. This strain is better suited for evening or afternoon consumption because it induces lethargy. Given the sedative quality that Argyle has, many use it for medical purposes. It can help stress, anxiety, and depression, but doesn’t cause euphoria. This blend can soothe pain, reduce inflammation, and help with headaches or cramps. It can also help you fall asleep and get more fulfilling and restful sleep. Argyle is readily available in dispensaries. Unfortunately, the seeds are not available. You will have to get a clipping or clone. This restriction can make growing this Indica blend extremely challenging. Whether you want to medicate or unwind, the Argyle blend is a good option that has a medium THC concentration.
Indica 80%
Sativa 20%
Indica dominant
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