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What is a Marijuana Grinder, and How Do You Use it?
What is a Marijuana Grinder, and How Do You Use it?

How do you prepare your bud before smoking, vaping, or cooking it? If you’re not using a marijuana grinder, you’re missing out. These essential tools can enhance your cannabis experience.

What is a Grinder?

If you’re new to using marijuana, you may be asking yourself, “What is a grinder?” It’s a tool that people use to break up cannabis flowers, that can be very dense. Although you may think these are only for consumers that roll joints and blunts, the truth is, you should use it every time you smoke, vape, or cook up cannabis. Ones designed just for herbs have three chambers. The top part you open and place the broken-up bud into, the middle section where the newly ground flowers land, and a bottom portion that collects the kief.

Benefits of a Cannabis Grinder

The compact bud may fit perfectly into your pipe. However, a full nug can be harsh to smoke because of the inconsistency in the flower’s chemistry. Additionally, you don’t want a cherried bowl that just burns, even after you put it down. The smaller pieces won’t keep burning and save you from wasting weed. In addition to smoke consistency, when you grind your flowers, they produce a more pleasant aroma. Plus, taking these steps can increase the effects with a better mix of cannabinoids and terpenes.  

How to Use a Weed Grinder?

If you’re wondering how to grind weed, here’s a step-by-step walkthrough to get you started.

Step One – Hold it right-side-up and remove the top lid. If you have large nugs, break them up a little with your fingers before placing them in-between the teeth of the grinder. For extra gooey flowers, use clean, sharp scissors in a small cup, such as a shot glass, to break it up small enough to fit into the grinder. Leave the center empty. Anything in the middle won’t grate properly in most bud crushers.

Step Two – Put the top back onto the grinder, making sure it’s secure and rotate it several times until all the bud you placed in the top half falls through the holes to the middle section. If there’s still some remaining, tap the side of the grinder a few times and repeat the step.

Step Three – Unscrew the chamber again, take out the basket with your freshly ground flowers and place them in your pipe or roll it up into a blunt or joint.

Step Four – Leave the bottom collection area alone until it’s full. Depending on often you use cannabis, it can take a little time for the kief to collect. Once it’s out of space, you’ll have to transfer it to another container to prevent it from clogging the grinder.

Choosing a Marijuana Grinder

There are a few types of weed crushers on the market. The two basic styles are manual and electric. Hand ones can have two or four parts. The two-section grinder has a single chamber with a top half to put the unground buds into and a bottom portion that leaves the shredded flowers and kief in one spot. While these aren’t preferential for separating out the powdery trichomes, it’s ideal for travel. The preferred style has four pieces, including a chamber just for catching and storing kief.

How to Clean a Weed Grinder?

Quality, fresh cannabis is sticky. Depending on how often you use it, the gooey trichomes will gunk up your grinder over time and need to be cleaned. Don’t worry, although cleaning’s hard work, with a bud crusher, you get to reap the rewards at the end with a powdery layer of kief. Here are some tips to help clean extra sticky ones:

  • Use a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol (You can use this for cleaning pipes and bongs, too)
  • Fill with isopropyl alcohol and salt, shake, and rinse and dry thoroughly
  • Use a fine paintbrush, clean mascara wand, or a toothbrush to knock out stubborn kief from the screen
  • If it was a cheap grinder and it’s really icky, consider purchasing a new one
  • To prevent it from getting too sticky, try keeping it in the freezer to avoid the kief from sticking

Using the Kief

Perhaps the most significant side benefit of using a weed grinder is the “byproduct.” As mentioned, traditional tools have a bottom chamber to catch the kief, which is highly concentrated trichomes. These are the area of the flowers that contain the most cannabinoids and terpenes. While cultivators and processors work to accumulate these goodies during the cultivation, harvest, and extraction process to sell for top dollar, you can slowly collect your own treasures every time you use your grinder.

To use this potent powder, sprinkle it on a fresh bowl pack or roll it up with a joint or blunt. Also, try drizzling some of your cannabis tinctures onto the roll-up and carefully sprinkle or roll it in the kief for a truly uplifting experience.

Another present from your grinder - use the powdery substance to make your own moon rocks. These are super expensive to purchase at the store, but with the right ingredients, you can make them at home.   

Step 1 – Grab your favorite cannabis flower (You won’t be grinding!) and place it on wax or parchment paper

Step 2 – Take out your concentrate of choice (Oil, dabs) and carefully use the enclosed dropper to add a fine layer onto the bud  

Step 3 – Pour some of the kief on a clean area of the wax or parchment paper and use tongs to roll the sticky bud in it

Step 4 – Leave the newly minted moon rock on the paper until it dries completely

When it’s dry, you can break off a small piece (we recommend using tweezers or the tongs to do this to prevent it from sticking to your fingers) and put it in your pipe.

Grinding Your Bud Without a Grinder

When you don’t have a dedicated chopper for your buds, it’s fine to use a coffee bean grinder and even some blenders and food processors as a weed crusher in a pinch. Additionally, if you’re preparing a large batch of edibles, such as brownies, cookies, or homemade infused gummies, these kitchen tools are ideal for shredding a half-ounce or ounce of weed to save you time.

The downside to this method is the kief. Non-traditional options don’t deposit this potent powder into a separate chamber for your smoking pleasure. You can carefully remove the final product and see if any is left at the bottom. Still, finely ground buds most likely won’t leave a separate layer of kief.

Whether you’re using a traditional-style or grinding with a substitute, you’re going to enhance your cannabis experience by breaking up the weed in a marijuana grinder. Visit our products section to learn about the best cannabis flowers available on the market.


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